Saturday, September 26, 2009

101 Goals . . .

So I am redoing my list, making it really focused on me, what I value, what I care about.  The old list was supposed to be a joint project.  Then we broke up.  {He is trying to take care of the issues which drove us apart and I am letting him.  I am also working on my issues. So maybe it will work out, maybe it won't.} Kathryn read through most of what I have so far on the list yesterday.  She is excited.  Here is what I have so far for a draft list & the rules.  I am planning on starting October 1.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific {ie. no ambiguity in the wording} with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and require stretching {i.e. represent some amount of work on my part}.

  1. Learn to make my own pasta.
  2. Learn to make good bread.
  3. Lose 80 pounds.
  4. Do yoga 3 times a week for 12 weeks 2 times. {{{0/3}~{0/12}}~{0/2}}
  5. Run a 5k by the end of summer 2010.
  6. Eat breakfast together at the table 3 times a week at least 15 times. {{0/3}~{0/15}}
  7. Eat dinner together at the table 3 times a week at least 15 times. {{0/3}~{0/15}}
  8. Take a multi-vitamin daily for 30 days 7 times. {{0/30} ~ {0/7}}
  9. Give up processed sweets {homemade sweets okay} for 30 days 5 times.{{0/30}~{0/5}}
  10. Eat at least 7 servings of vegetables a day for 30 days 5 times.{{0/30}~{0/5}}
  11. Make my own font.
  12. Make 50 Morsbags.
  13. Plan a gala for A.H.
  14. Get the basement cleaned out.
  15. Get a new job.
  16. Write a book {word count: {0/100,000}}.
  17. Get an academic legal article ready for submission.
  18. Get a nonprofit article ready for submission.
  19. Learn to make a good pot roast.
  20. Make Martha’s Thanksgiving Turkey {fresh} without fire, smoke, or flame.
  21. Switch to earth friendly household cleaners.
  22. Walk dogs every day for 90 days 3 times. {{0/90}~{0/3}}
  23. Do 2 special events with Kathryn a month – 10 months.
  24. Learn to ride a horse.
  25. Have vegetarian day 15 times.
  26. Go to a fun concert.
  27. Take Mom out for a mani-pedi.
  28. Get all student loans consolidated.
  29. Get the complete Prince cd/iTunes collection.
  30. Take Mom out for Chinese 1 time a month. {0/33}
  31. Learn how to make really good shortbread cookies.
  32. Plan a Walk for Hunger/Homelessness for A.H.
  33. Teach Zeus or Delilah 2 new tricks. {0/2}
  34. Go to church every other week for 1 year {0/26}.
  35. Clean out car every week for one year {0/26}.
  36. Write to the Grandmas 30 times.
  37. Get the ECHS cookbook done!
  38. Start, monitor and stick to a budget for 3 months.
  39. Host a board game night.
  40. Get a henna tattoo.
  41. Host a Christmas party.
  42. Cook fifteen different meals for my family & friends. {0/15}
  43. For two weeks, eat no take out or fast food. {0/14}
  44. Take a picture a day for 1,001 days & post them on the blog! {0/1,001}
  45. Take a cooking class.
  46. Make a good pizza from scratch.
  47. Send at least 20 postcrossing postcards.
  48. Take a family portrait once a week for a year. {0/52}
  49. Improve my credit score by 100 points.
  50. Donate of all the clothes I don’t actually wear.
  51. Donate 1,000,000 grains of rice. {0/1,000,000}
  52. Get passports for myself, Mom & Kate.
  53. Use said passports.
  54. Get up by 6:30 a.m. every morning for 30 days {0/30}, get up by 6:00 a.m. for 30 days {0/30}
  55. Find 50 geocaches. {0/50}
  56. Replace all the carpet in the house with sealed flooring.
  57. Donate $5 to Advent House & the Eaton County Humane Society for each item on this list that I do not complete.
  58. Make a Blanket of Hope.
  59. Make Christmas cookies for all of my friends and family.
  60. Have good family portraits taken with Mom, Dan, Kathryn, Katie, Talus, Zeus, and Delilah.
  61. Take a belly dancing class.
  62. Get one other person to participate in 101 things in 1001 days.
  63. Get a fancy SLR camera.
  64. Pay off one of my credit cards.
  65. Do a photo scavenger hunt with a friend 6 times {0/6}.
  66. Visit 3 US cities I've never been to before {0/3}.
  67. Complete the 100 Strangers Project.
  68. Make 25 new recipes. {0/25}
  69. Track my weight 3 times a week. {0/3}~{0/143}
  70. Decorate the house for Christmas.
  71. Decorate the house for Halloween.
  72. Document each goal as it is achieved with photographs.
  73. Get rid of 101 things that I don’t actually need {0/101}.
  74. Clean all dishes before going to bed every night for a week 52 times. {0/7}/{0/52}
  75. Grow something we can eat {and then eat it}.
  76. Help Kathryn host 12 sleepovers. {0/12}.
  77. Learn how to can something.
  78. Take Kathryn to a large museum.
  79. Finish a 30 minute screenplay for Kathryn.
  80. Film and edit the 30 minute screenplay.
  81. Finish a feature length screenplay for Kathryn.
  82. Film and edit the feature length movie for Kathryn.
  83. Make my account complete.
  84. Learn and use 75 new words.{0/75}
  85. Create and use a composting bin.
  86. Do not use the elevator for distances of less than 5 stories for 30 consecutive days 9 times. {0/30}~{0/9}.
  87. Wreck a journal with Kathryn.
  88. Make a good homemade pumpkin pie from scratch (from fresh pumpkin).
  89. Help Kathryn finish her screenplay.
  90. Blog every day.{0/1,001}
  91. Exercise every day for 30 days for 15 months. {0/30}~{0/15}
  92. Identify 100 things that make me happy, then do/see/experience all of them. {0/100}
  93. Print and frame 25 photographs. {0/25}
  94. Make a pretty party dress.
  95. Wear the pretty party dress somewhere nice.
  96. Make a fundraising plan for ECHS to increase revenue by 10 - 20%.
  97. Drink 96 ounces of water a day for 30 days 12 times. {0/30}~{0/12}
  98. Take a golf lesson with Mom and Kathryn.
  99. Be able to do a real push-up.
  100. I will participate in eight months for every twelve months of the 101 goals, not missing two consecutive months. {0/12}~{0/12}~{0/12}
  101. Make another 101 in 1001 list and do it all over again.

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