Saturday, January 23, 2010


The Cutest Blog on the Block has completely hijacked my blog. I tried to switch templates to one I found on I was going to go with Girly Diaries, very girly, very pink. And my old School Girl Charm bg refused to leave. Earlier today I had a different CBotB bg, that one did go away. So after wiping out my elements and my template, I foolishly tried a different CBotB bg and school girl charm is back! Ug. This is really out of control. After I get rid of this CBotB bg, I don't think I'll go with another one. I'm not sure if blogger is the problem or if CBotB is. Anyone out there know? Oh, on a positive note, my dateline was fixed, now it is gone. I'm hoping when it comes back it will still be fixed.

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