Monday, January 25, 2010

Tulip vs. Cat

Naughty cats:

I found this all over my living room this morning.  Apparently this tulip offended my cats in the middle of the night.

The animals and I had a very restful day.  I finished Tanya Huff's Blood Trail (Book 2 in the series) and Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.  I think I enjoyed Blood Trail more because it took less work.  The Lost Symbol was a good read.  Thick, long, but a good read.  Parts of it were predictable.  **SPOILER** I don't know at what point I figured out who the bad guy was in relation to our main characters but it was quite a bit before the end of the book.  While it was obvious it wasn't as bad as other bad guy mystery identities.**END SPOILER**

I am feeling too tired to do a real review of either book, but I would recommend both.

Tonight we are working on this month's Daring Baker challenge for the big reveal tomorrow.  I've noticed on the forums that some folks get their challenge done right away.  It does not appear as though I will be that kind of a daring baker.

Last summer, we hosted an band and orchestra group from Germany through Blue Lake Fine Art Camps international programs.  I am being asked to do so again and feel torn. The only reason it worked is because we were able to connect with a vibrant and well-connected high school junior who made stuff happen.  I am just not confident that I know enough people in town to make it happen without her connections.  Plus, I am practicing not committing to as much as I normally do (not liking at all by the way).  If your community has the opportunity or you are interested and in the mid-west (MI, OH, IL, WI, etc), let me know, I'll hook you up with the organizers and then I won't feel bad for not doing it. :)

I have been meaning to write about the horrible SCOTUS decision in Citizens United v. FTC since it came out.  It was just a surprising decision when you take out who voted for which side.  Basically, corporations have more "free speech" rights than individuals.  Money == speech and corporations are people.  Corporations have been people for a while, but limited people.  They can't vote, they have to exist for a purpose, they have restrictions.'s David Kairys discusses the fundamental flaws in the decision in his article Money Isn't Speech and Corporations Aren't People.  Mother Jones also has an article about the decision.  Even food bloggers are dismayed upset outraged by the decision. Thankfully, smart people are trying to devise work arounds for us.  Hopefully, they will be well thought out.

Other political action: Jon Stewart scolds Keith Olberman, excellent piece, I do so hate it when liberals become like the right-wing talking heads (just name calling and hate spewing, no real arguments, etc.)

I know that other political stuff is going on, but this is all that is striking my fancy tonight.

Tomorrow will be the big reveal for this month's Daring Baker!

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