Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So I signed up to be on a foodie blog roll.  I don't know if I've been reviewed yet.  If so, I hope they don't hold today's post against me.  This weekend, I decided I would make a roast chicken this week, a whole chicken.  When I bought my chicken, I wasn't really paying attention.  I thought it was a 1 pound chicken.  It seemed awfully big for a pound.  But it said 0.85.  Perfect, it is just Kate and I (sometimes Mom eats with us) so a pound would be fine. 

Berl came over tonight for dinner.  So I was going to make the roast chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli.  At 20 minutes per pound plus fifteen minutes, we could be eating by 7:15 at the latest.

Turns out, it is actually 4.5 pounds and it was $0.85/pound.  Thankfully, I figured this out before I had it out of the package.  At 20 minutes per pound plus fifteen, it would have been much, much later than 7:15 before we ate.

So tonight, we had spaghetti & meatballs with broccoli and garlic bread.  None of it was homemade.  None.  But everyone enjoyed it and Berl helped with the dishes after dinner and everything is put away.  We did have some of that very delicious Apple Cider Pudding Cake with Edy's Double Vanilla Ice Cream after dinner.  The cake was homemade and still quite delicious.  It was more cakey than puddingy tonight.  Still great warmed up with a scoop of ice cream!

After dinner, I studied the Joy of Cooking section on Roasting Poultry (421) and Roast Chicken (424).  I feel almost ready for Saturday.  We will also be having Cheesy Biscuits Saturday (638).  I really do love this Joy of Cooking and might actually fork out the $30.00 for one of my own!

We're having roast chicken on Saturday night before Kate's play. 


  1. this post makes me laugh :) I just joined the foodie blog roll as well so i can relate. And i've messed up a roast chicken before (I think I cooked it too long...I have a fear of undercooked meat). And I also love the joy of cooking.

  2. I also have a fear of undercooked meat and I am going to try to take to heart that so many sources are saying to let it rest for a bit before slicing it because it will finish cooking out of the oven. I need to test my meat thermometer and I am going to rely on that - otherwise, it will be so very dry.

    You are my first commenter! And we're from the same state!

  3. wow - I feel special! :) thanks for the foodie blogroll friend request. you're my first friend on there. Although I feel that I have to tell you that I am a fan of Glenn Beck...hopefully we can still be friends :)

  4. Well then, we'll just have to unite over our mutual love of food and not discuss Glenn Beck! :)

  5. Just to let you know - I tried to get back to your blog via your comment on my blog, but I don't think you made your profile public? The only way I could find your blog again was to look under foodie blog roll. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but just thought I'd let you know! :)