Friday, October 23, 2009

Goodbye Flickr, Hello Zooomr!

I had briefly used Zooomr about a year ago. Then when I came back to blogging, I forgot about it and started using Flickr. I've been watching my % of space used creep up as I uploaded pictures. So tonight I started uploading my pictures onto Zooomr. I am hoping I can create a photostream in my side bar like I have right now with Flickr.

Tonight I went out and took some pictures of our beautiful fall colors. Michigan is so beautiful in the fall. It was drizzling, but not too rainy. I have some great pictures of our little island.

Every time I walked closer to the ducks, this big one started carrying on and stearing the others away from me.

It was really quiet at the park (with the exception of that one duck).  Until another woman came walking through.  I almost asked her to participate in my 100 strangers project, but I didn't have anything to give her.  So I just took this shot.

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