The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Our List:
We sat down and made a list together. Some items are mine, some are his, and some are for both of us. We have until February 8, 2012 to get the list done. The item numbers have no meaning except for keeping track of how many things are on the list. For example, get married is 4 and number 61 is find the engagement ring (must not be a new diamond, prefer no diamonds).

We made the list over drinks while visiting Cleveland. It was a nice night.

When we remember to work on our list, it is fun. We have started some of the items on the list - those are listed in green. We were originally keeping track of our progress on a wordpress blog that was dedicated only to this project. But I am trying to simplify our lives and keep us on one site. Eventually, I'll move our other stuff over too. But for how, here is the list!
  1. Amy – Make my own font.
  2. Amy – Buy a pasta roller and make my own pasta.
  3. Amy – Learn to make good bread.
  4. Get married
  5. Learn to swing dance
  6. Get Berl a suit Amy likes
  7. Piece by piece convince Berl to improve his wardrobe (he can keep his t-shirts, we’re just aiming for some diversity)
  8. Go to Winter Carnival with Tanya, Dan, Berl & the kids.
  9. Berl – Get a car
  10. Berl – Set, monitor, and stick to a budget.
  11. Berl – within 100 days be enrolled in college; within 365 days have a degree plan.
  12. Amy – lose 80 pounds.
  13. Amy – Do yoga 3 times a week for 3 months. [0/12]
  14. Amy – Run a 5k by the end of summer 2010.
  15. Amy – Make 50 Morsbags.
  16. Plan a gala for A.H.
  17. Berl – Lose 40 pounds.
  18. Get Amy’s basement cleaned out.
  19. Go to Chicago with all the kids.
  20. Get Donald into a good college.
  21. Get a new job (Amy & Berl).
  22. Write a book (Amy).
  23. Go on a cruise together or visit a warm island together – no laptop or cell phones allowed.
  24. Get custody of Brianna and Kelsey.
  25. Get regular parenting time with Payton.
  26. Get a house together.
  27. Eat breakfast together at the table 3 times a week.
  28. Eat dinner together at the table 3 times a week.
  29. Berl – Give up tobacco.
  30. Berl – lighten/fade tiger tattoo.
  31. Amy – get an academic legal article ready for submission.
  32. Amy – get an non-academic legal article ready for submission.
  33. Take all the kids to Disney.
  34. Take all the kids to D.C.
  35. Amy – Learn to make a good pot roast.
  36. Amy – Make Martha’s Thanksgiving Turkey (fresh) without fire, smoke, or flame.
  37. Berl – read 1 book a month.
  38. Switch to earth friendly household cleaners.
  39. Go organic in the kitchen.
  40. Berl – make more time for Amy (3 nights a week by 10/01/2009 4 nights a week by 02/01/2010).
  41. Walk dogs 2 times a day by 12/01/2009.
  42. Walk dogs 1 time a day by 07/01/2009.
  43. Go to a Red Wings game.
  44. Decide if we really want to adopt if so get adoption process started.
  45. Get bowflex set up.
  46. Get Berl to try yoga 3 times.
  47. Take a multi-vitamin daily for 30 days 7 times. [(0/30) ~ (0/7)]
  48. Berl – give up Mountain Dew.
  49. Amy – Give up processed sweets (homemade sweets okay).
  50. Eat at least 7 servings of vegetables a day for 30 days. (0/30)
  51. Berl gets a boxer puppy when we buy a house together.
  52. Amy & Kate to have 2 special events per month.
  53. Berl – learn to play guitar.
  54. Berl – get a guitar.
  55. Amy – learn to say no to new projects.
  56. Amy – learn to ride a horse.
  57. Amy – Do something with Tanya at least 2 times a month. [0/66]
  58. Have vegetarian day 1 day a month.
  59. Go to a fun concert.
  60. Go out dancing 1 time a month.
  61. Find an antique, recycled, or man-made engagement ring.
  62. Amy – take Mom out for a mani-pedi.
  63. Amy – get all student loans consolidated.
  64. Amy – get the complete Prince cd/iTunes collection.
  65. Get together with Jessica and Crupi for dinner and music at the Green Door (or other blues/bluegrass music place).
  66. Take Mom out for Chinese 1 time a month. [0/33]
  67. Pick a town to live in.
  68. Amy – Learn how to make really good shortbread cookies.
  69. Amy – Get out a monthly ECHS paper newsletter and a bi-weekly e-newsletter.
  70. Amy – Plan a Walk for Hunger/Homelessness for A.H.
  71. Amy – Teach Zeus 2 new tricks. [0/2]
  72. Amy – Go to church every other week.
  73. Amy – Clean out car every week.
  74. Amy – Get oil changed every 5,000-ish miles.
  75. Take the kids to Cedar Point.
  76. Take the kids to Greenfield Village.
  77. Write to the Grandmas once a month. (0/83)
  78. Get the ECHS cookbook done!
  79. Get Berl to the dentist.
  80. Take the kids to a lugnuts game each summer.
  81. Berl & Donald do something fun together once a month.
  82. Amy – Start, monitor and stick to a budget.
  83. Host a board game night!
  84. Amy – Get a henna tattoo.
  85. Amy & Berl – have a Christmas party.
  86. Cook fifteen different meals for my family & friends. [0/15]
  87. For two weeks, eat no take out or fast food. (0/14)
  88. Plan and make good Halloween costumes. (Amy – Lucy Lovett; Berl – ?)
  89. Amy & Berl; Amy or Berl – Take a picture a day for 365 days & post them on our blog! (1/365)
  90. Take a cooking class together.
  91. Amy – Make a good pizza from scratch.
  92. Amy – Create a change jar that I don’t touch until the end of this challenge!
  93. Send at least 20 postcrossing postcards.
  94. Amy – Do all 329 creative writing prompts
  95. Amy – Take a family portrait once a week. (0/143)
  96. Amy – Improve my credit score by 100 points.
  97. Amy – Donate of all the clothes I don’t actually wear.
  98. Amy – Donate 400,000 grains of rice (1,710/400,000).
  99. Amy & Berl – Get passports.
  100. Amy - Get up by 6:30 a.m. every morning for 30 days (0/30), get up by 6:00 a.m. for 30 days (0/30).
  101. Amy – Bring my lunch to work every day for a week 7 times. (0/7).