Friday, July 24, 2009

22. Write a book & 18. Clean out the basement

Last week was crazy! Every night we've had something going on or a bunch of tasks to get done. We've made progress on the basement. 9 boxes emptied! Woo hoo! 5 million to go! :(

I did get some writing done this last week (22. Write a book). I was inspired by Harlequin 2009 writing contest. Entries must be submitted by November 2, 2009. So I jammed out over 2,00o words, loved where I was going and then didn't write anything for 2 5 days! So today's goal is to get another 1,000 words written 1 inch at a time. Here's the thing, I put number 22 on the list because I have started about 7 books now in various word processing applications. I have finished exactly zero. I probably made the most progress in law school. I would write in Will & Estates and another class that semester, I can't think of which one it was.

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