Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Glenn Beck is an ass.

Every time I see Glenn Beck or read what he has said or written, I come to the same conclusion, Glenn Beck is a clown and an ass. Today's evidence:

Beck made the statement during a guest appearance today on the "Fox & Friends" morning show. He said Obama has exposed himself as a person with "a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture."

His remarks came during a discussion of Obama's reaction to the arrest of Harvard University scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. Gates is black and was arrested for disorderly conduct by a white policeman over a misunderstanding about a break-in at Gates' home.

. . .

Beck's statement was challenged on the air by Fox host Brian Kilmeade, who noted that most of the people who work for the nation's first black president are white.

"I'm not saying he doesn't like white people," Beck said. "He has a problem. This guy is, I believe, a racist."
Really, Glenn? A deep-seated hatred for white people? Because he said that the police officer arresting a man in his own home for being upset about being accused of breaking and entering his own home? Really, Glenn?

I did like what General Powell had to say on the matter via CNN. Gen. Powell noted that both Gates and the arresting officer could have handled the situation better. I would add that the arresting officer *should* have handled the situation better. I understand why Gates didn't handle it differently. In the article, Powell comments on Palin, Limbaugh, and other political topics. Good article, reminds me of why I like him and wish he would run on the Dem's ticket for national office.

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