Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Articles like this one in the Detroit Free Press make me wonder what Kwayme Kilpatrick must be like in person. It has come out that he had an "improper personal relationship" with the woman who was appointed to over see the Detroit Police Department. I'm not sure what exactly an improper personal relationship is, but it doesn't sound good. Is he that irresistible? He seems resistible to me. She isn't the first other, other woman we have heard about in this mess. How many women was he having affairs with? How many of them knew there were so many of them? Did any of them care that there were so many of them? I feel like there are so many questions with this man, his affairs, and his marriage, I wouldn't know where to start . . . I guess some of them are none of our business . . . but some of them are. . .

I will say that one of the things that really annoys me about the articles on this topic is that so many of them keep saying that "she" was paid over $180,000 a month when, in fact, it was a team of people who were paid that amount. I didn't see anywhere that said how much she specifically was paid

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